The Commercial Zone is zoned offices/shops for your habitants in area of your town.

It is accessed by opening the toolbar, pressing the zone button, and pressing the Blue Office in the drop-down. They cost 100.0T per tile, which can add up when you zone many at once.


A 3x3 Commercial Area

Buildings Edit

Buildings on Commercial zones are where your inhabitants work in your town. Smaller buildings typically hold less workers,and as more inhabitants work in (and you add more buildings to your town), the commercial buildings will upgrade in both economic status and density.

Economic Status and Density Edit

Economic status is how wealthy the inhabitants of your buildings are. This ranges from T to TTT

Density is how many people can work in the space. For example, a 1x1 building usually holds 2-8 workers- the taller ones hold more people in the same space, making it more dense. Essentially, a larger building in a smaller space is more dense.

Commercial Zones Mechanics Edit

Parks, public buildings, education, and services (fire station, police, etc) are fundamental in upgrading your buildings in residential areas, with education being most important. Remember, you cannot directly upgrade any buildings- you can only build more/nicer buildings around your zones and wait for the zoned buildings to upgrade.

The sizes of Commercial buildings range from 1x1-6x6

In Commercial zones, buildings begin to upgrade from (poor) to (middle) and (rich) once the first school (typically an elementary school) is built in their rough vicinity.

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