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Example of A Fire Station

Fire Station(also called a fire housefire hall, or firemen's hall) is a structure or other area set aside for storage of firefighting apparatus such as fire engines and related vehicles, personal protective equipment, fire hosesand other specialized equipment. It may also have dormitory living facilities and work areas for the use of fire fighters. Living areas are sometimes arranged above the garage bays where personnel without specific station duties during the night shift are allowed to sleep unless a dispatch is called.

In that situation, firefighters may have special means to allow entry to the ground floor quickly when a call for help is received, such as sliding down a brass pole called a fireman's pole. This arrangement also allows for a raised area to hang hoses to dry to prevent damage. In a single story station, a tower-like structure is sometimes used for hose hanging.

Usage Edit

After you build a Fire Station, some random disasters will occur, causing fire to the building near the disaster location.

While the fire burn the building, you can call a dispatch to firefighters in the menu button, Fire Station also make your citizen feel safe, that's will increase your Citizen Happiness Point

Building Specification Edit

Here is the Specification for this Building: Edit

Building Cost($): Edit


Maintenance Cost(monthly): Edit


Building Size: Edit

2x2 Grid Space

Trivia Edit

  • There is also available a Small Fire Department/Station.